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Our Story

IntrinsicAware was born from frustration.

With over 30 years of Information Security experience, the founders wanted a solution to promote and support sustainable change in end user behaviour.

Ideally, onboarding should be easy, and the product experience should be convenient for the end user. The message must be presented and reinforced in positive ways- without treating people like idiots. The solution should provide support and insight for managers, and the necessary data to support compliance, in whatever format works best. 

We couldn't find one, so we built it.

New York City
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Unparalleled Technology

Create and support change.

IntrinsicAware delivers a uniquely powerful tool for tackling the root cause of the majority of security incidents in most organisations. It also allows security messages to be delivered to all staff far more frequently than any other solution can facilitate, with real-time reporting to enable managers to understand engagement and response to the material.

Our platform uses scientifically established and demonstrated techniques of spaced and question driven learning to increase retention of security messages.

This is combined with situation-driven  behavioural-style training methodologies, and support for coaching and feedback.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

New York City
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Create your Security culture.

(and keep good records too!)

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Two thirds of data breaches have a root cause related to human error. The IntrinsicAware platform uses scientifically proven techniques to establish and reinforce secure behaviour. We will work with you to develop and refine your organisation's ability to recognise and respond to current and future security challenges.

New York City


The IntrinsicAware platform helps you to meet your compliance requirements. Our reporting and management functionality supports team progress monitoring matched to your organisation. Completion reports can be exported and easily imported into a HR management system.



Building intrinsic awareness into your corporate culture means engaging with your staff and encouraging them to take individual responsibility for corporate security. Our platform is built to encourage this type of engagement through innovative delivery mechanisms and coaching support resources, all of which are part of our standard offering.

At IntrinsicAware, we build and deliver your Compliance and awareness programmes. Talk to us about our onboarding and delivery pack included with the service.

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